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17300 Elkhead Rd
Oakland, OR

541 673 1587

Trace Hallow Ranch sits on the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range outside of Oakland, OR and raises cattle on natural grasses to produce exceptionally nutritious and flavorful hamburger beef.

Meet the Owners

Don & Merry Bayly

Don & Merry Bayly

Hello fellow grass-fed beef lovers!  Don and Merry have been developing their Murray Grey herd since 2011, and are enjoying every minute of it.  With Don's knowledge of cattle, and Merry's business management background, they decided to embark on a new business adventure with Trace Hallow Beef.



New Cowboy in town. 

Scout and Shorty

With our beloved head ranch dog, Bear, leaving us for heaven, Scout assumed the role.  At least until the arrival of Shorty.  Shorty quickly set about establishing his presence.   The two of them have worked it out, and are now good buddies.  Shorty will gift Scout with an occasional mouse, for which Scout will in turn allow Shorty to share his dog house during cold weather.