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17300 Elkhead Rd
Oakland, OR

541 673 1587

Trace Hallow Ranch sits on the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range outside of Oakland, OR and raises cattle on natural grasses to produce exceptionally nutritious and flavorful hamburger beef.

Our Raising Practices

Corral system:

If you're not familiar with the brilliant Temple Grandin, you're missing out.  Don was inspired by her genius with cattle many years ago and began designing his corral systems based on her theories.   The system lends itself to the cattle's natural inclination to move in a certain direction and pattern.  Solid panels in the crowding alley keep cattle calm and reduce stress.

Freeze branding: 

Freeze branding is a more humane solution to branding cattle.  We find the cattle may not like the pressure applied when branded, but they show no sign of pain such as they do when fire branded.


Banding our bull calves, rather than cutting, reduces the chance of infection and is less stressful on the calf.

Gentle handling: 

Although we live in the West, we don't believe in whooping and hollering to move cattle.  Trace Hallow cattle are trained to be pulled by the sound of a cow bell.  They know that means fresh grass ahead and come willingly.  It's quite a sight to see the herd following calmly behind as we move them to a new field or up to the corrals.

Hormone free: 

Trace Hallow Beef is hormone free.  Many cattle producers think big is better.  Here at Trace Hallow we know size does not equal good tasting beef.  Patience and good grass will grow an animal that will produce well marbled meat that is healthy and full of flavor.

Rotational Grazing: 

Our Murray Greys have the freedom to roam as they rotationally graze in the pasture. When Don determines it's time to move, off they go to a new pasture of fresh grass.  This keeps the grass in the pasture in good health. To read more on rotational grazing click here

Pasture management: 

Don is our pasture manager.  He is busy clearing various areas of the ranch of blackberries, hawthorne, and scotch broom.  Don is methodically increasing the availability of the grass, and does not use chemical fertilizer, but chooses a grass and legume blend that will provide a balanced and nutritious diet for the cattle.  Pastures and ruminants evolved symbiotically over thousands of years, and it is our job to adhere as closely to this relationship as we can.  This creates more abundant and higher quality pasture, and cattle that can naturally maximize their potential.